Amy Brown (headshot)

Level Up

Coaching is about levelling up — levelling up your skills, your awareness, your happiness, your life.

As an Adler-trained coach, I will listen, ask questions, and bring beginner's mind to your goals. Together we'll understand your assets and your possibilities to level you up to the future you want.

Working with me, you'll get space and time to think out loud, thought-provoking questions to change your perspective and shift your mindset, and me in your corner, believing in you and cheering you on through your journey.

Together we will discover what you need to change and figure out your best move. Then I will support you and hold you accountable while you grow and change in ways you only dreamed of.

Beginner's mind


If you're curious about coaching get in touch to arrange a quick conversation. I'd love to hear from you!

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