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About Amy

My name is Amy Rhoda Brown, and I want you to thrive. I work with performers, creative entrepreneurs, and artists, especially those launching a career or at a point of change.

"I have twenty years of cross-sector experience in technology, communications, and research, as an employee and as an entrepreneur."

That's the LinkedIn version — doesn't it sound great? Twenty years! Tens of thousands! Reinvention! Self-publishing consultant! Wow.

But the reality is, my path didn't seem so clear when I was living through it. Like most of us, I just tried to make the best choices with the resources available to me.

Looking back, I wouldn't change any of the decisions I made, but I don't want to sit here, right on my own website, and try to tell you that it's been a smooth, logical road from there to here. It has not. It's been rocky, it's been weird, occasionally I have ended up in places I did not want to be.

It was a mild day in early October, 2018, when I attended the workshop that changed my career. For a few months I had been feeling that something was off in my life — I was on the wrong path, something had to change. I just didn't know what.

In the spirit of experimentation I signed up for a bunch of things: workshops, conferences, events, meetups. A workshop on Emotional Decoupling run by Toronto coach Sonia Grossi, was one of those events.

I loved it; I contributed to the group discussion and realized I had a lot to say. But even more satisfying was talking to other participants in the one-to-one workshop portion of the evening. I loved hearing about their stories and their challenges.

That was the day I realized that the years of reading and work I had done on personal development, and my fascination with and love for people, could be more than just an interesting sidebar, it could be a job: coaching. By the end of the month I had signed up for the coaching program at the Adler Graduate Professional School.

So here I stand, today, with empathy, communication skills, and a hard-earned, bone-deep understanding of what it takes to grow and thrive when it seems like you have too many choices and not enough all at the same time. I'm ready to listen, really listen, and give you the space, trust, encouragement, and accountability that you need in order to find your path.


Contact me if you have questions, or to arrange a quick, no-obligation conversation to see if coaching is right for you. I would love to talk to you!

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