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About Amy

I have twenty years of cross-sector experience in technology, communications, and research, as an employee and as an entrepreneur. I started my career in the software industry, working at companies ranging in size from 40 employees to tens of thousands. After several years, I reinvented myself as a self-employed publishing industry contractor and built a successful business as a copyeditor and self-publishing consultant.

I bring the communication, empathy, growth and resilience skills I developed through my career to coaching. I am most interested in working with early-career professionals, entrepreneurs, and others looking to make a change in order to align their daily work to their values.

We spend most of our waking hours at work, and I believe everyone deserves to feel fulfilled and respected at their job. I also believe that when our work is aligned with our strengths, not only do we feel personally fulfilled, but everyone around us wins as well because we are able to offer the best of ourselves.

Core values

My core values are respect and connection. I believe everyone deserves respect just as they are, and I believe that the connections among people, and among humans and rest of the natural world, are the most profound and important networks of them all. When connection fails, there's trouble.

These values show up in coaching as a profound acceptance of you, wherever you happen to be and whatever your goals or fears are, and they show up in the connection that develops between us as we work together and in the connections between you and the other people in your life that are strengthened as you become more aligned with your own values.

What I offer

I offer one-on-one coaching, in person or online, to people who are looking to make a change (even if they're not sure what to change — we can figure it out together). Helping people grow into their strengths is my passion, and I am thrilled to be able to call it my work as well.

By mid-2019 I will offer coaching for teams and emerging leaders in the tech and communications sectors, with a focus on startups and entrepreneurs.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

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Contact me if you have questions, or to arrange a quick, no-obligation conversation to see if coaching is right for you. I would love to hear about what's on your mind!

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