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Information For Writers

Levels of editing
What are the various types, or levels, of editing, and what does your project need?
How to Make a Book
What are the steps that go into making a professional, polished self-published book?
What is typesetting, and why is it important?
Cover Design
The significance of cover design in self-published books.

Technical Articles

LaTeX to Lulu: The Making of AOSA
The two volumes of The Architecture of Open Source Applications were typeset with LaTeX and printed through Lulu. I couldn't have finished the AOSA books without the generosity of people all over the world who posted their LaTeX tips to forums and blogs. This series of articles pays some of that back by sharing what Greg Wilson and I learned.
  1. Geometry, and Headers and Footers: How to define the size of your book and set up headers and footers using LaTeX.
  2. Fonts and Captions: Specifying fonts and image caption options in LaTeX.
  3. Table of Contents and Chapter Title Pages: Styling your table of contents and chapter title pages in LaTeX.
  4. Custom Commands and Environments: Commands and environments we created in LaTeX for the AOSA books.
  5. Other Useful Packages and Settings: LaTeX packages and settings which don't fit neatly into the previous articles
  6. Pulling It All Together: The layout of the final document and how all the parts relate to create an entire book
Making AOSA: The Tools we Used
Compiling the AOSA books was a multi-month project involving dozens of people. This article describes some of the tools and systems we used to keep it organized.
Working with Lulu
Lots of people ask how it was to work with Lulu, the self-publishing service we used for the AOSA books. This article describes some of the highs and lows.
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