What is coaching?

Amy Brown (headshot)

Coaching is about change: change in what you know, what you do, or how you feel. A coach will help you determine what needs to be changed, and will support you as you make changes to live a richer and more meaningful life.

How does coaching work?

The coaching process takes place over several weeks or months; a series of coaching sessions usually spans three to six months, with meetings every other week. Once you have decided to enlist me as your coach, we'll agree on how long to work together.

The first meeting of our series of sessions will be a longer, getting-to-know-you meeting lasting ninety minutes to two hours. We'll talk about what is on your mind, what your goals are, and what you would like to change or work on. We'll get into who you are, what your values are, whether you feel like you have balance in your life, and any other topics to consider in order to help you move forward.

After the first meeting, we'll meet every two weeks for about an hour. We'll see how you're doing and dig further into our conversations about values, choices, challenges and victories. Each meeting will be aligned around your needs that day, and on the larger question of how to achieve the goal that we set for the series of sessions.

Online Coaching

I offer coaching across Canada and worldwide. All the services I offer as a coach can be delivered long-distance, either by phone or using an online meeting service.


If think you might be interested in coaching, please contact me to arrange a twenty-minute conversation about how coaching might help you. There's no charge, and no commitment.

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