Here are a few of the larger projects I've worked on.

500 Lines: Experienced programmers solve interesting problems, edited by Michael DiBernardo

500 Lines is the fourth of the crowd-sourced AOSA book series, following on from The Performance of Open Source Applications and the two Architecture of Open Source Applications books. Each chapter is written by a different author, and describes a 500-line (or shorter) application. I was hired to copyedit the book and create a cover (and I helped out a bit with the publication process on Lulu). My work on 500 Lines was sponsored by PagerDuty: huge thanks to them!

Learn Scala for Java Developers by Toby Weston

Learn Scala for Java Developers is an introduction to the Scala programming language written for developers with experience working in Java. The author hired me to copyedit the book, and I did some stylistic editing too.

Shamans Among Us: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Religion by Dr. Joseph Polimeni

When Dr. Polimeni decided to publish a book about the evolutionary roots of schizophrenia, he enlisted me to help prepare and publish it. I edited, designed, and typeset the book, designed the cover, and engaged a proofreader and indexer to ensure it was as polished as possible.

The Architecture of Open Source Applications, Volume II edited by Amy Brown and Greg Wilson

The Architecture of Open Source Applications II was the much-anticipated follow-up to Volume I. Once again, it's a compilation of over twenty chapters describing the architecture of different open source applications. I coordinated the writing, reviewing and editing of the book, helped format it for print and designed the cover and layout.

The Architecture of Open Source Applications, Volume I edited by Amy Brown and Greg Wilson

The Architecture of Open Source Applications, or AOSA, is a compilation of over twenty chapters, each describing the architecture of an open source application. Each chapter was written by a different author and so the book contains a variety of prose styles, not to mention the numerous different image formats used for diagrams. My job was to take all those diverse chapters and make them into a cohesive and elegant whole.

The book has been greeted with enthusiasm by the open source community; volunteers are creating ebook versions, and translating the book into Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages.

An Uncertain Thing: A History of Childhood in the Western World by Robert McCole Wilson

An Uncertain Thing was a decade-long labour of love by Robert McCole Wilson. A retired teacher, he spent years researching and compiling references to children and childhood from sources including the Bible, classical Greek texts, and Dickens. When I came to the project it was an over-1000-page RTF document, which I formatted as a three-volume book using Microsoft Word. I created a cover and book design to give Mr. Wilson's work the showcase it deserved.

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